Free Relaxation Music

Free Relaxation Music
After a long, stressful day at work or in school, some of us would find ourselves reaching for our car stereo, our portable MP3 player, or our smart phone to play some music. This is because music, according to studies and as many of us have experienced, helps get us into the “mood”. Music is everywhere, has a variety of kinds, tunes, and genre, and is actually a broad term in itself. For some, music is life.
But as I have mentioned, music can help get us into “that moment” – whatever moment that is that we want to achieve. Those who are in love listen to love songs and romantic music to fall in love even more. They usually listen while thinking about the person they care for. In contrast, those who were broken-hearted listen to “heartbreak” songs, songs about breaking up, or songs of hope and finding new love. They listen to reminisce, to cry it all out, and eventually to cope. Still, there are many different reasons why people listen to music. I, for example, listen to music for the purpose of relaxation.
Yes, I listen in order to relax. There are so many relaxing songs out there from artists whose voices are as soothing as that of an angel’s. Enya, for instance, has always been on my “mostly-listened-to”. But aside from songs from renowned and award-winning artists like her, instrumental and nature music also made their way into my playlist. Songs played on the piano and without any accompaniment are the best ones for me. But I also like the sounds of water running or birds chirping, especially when I am getting a massage. The experience is like hitting two birds with one stone – I visit the spa and then get pampered while listening to free relaxation music!
Speaking of free relaxation music, you can find so much of these online. There are even some playlists on Spotify. Just visit their website and choose from an array ofsongs and playlists. You can also google the keyword “free relaxation music” and several links will pop up. When I did, links for websites that offer meditation music came up. I went to one of the sites, listened to a few songs, and was instantly calmed.
There are also websites wherein you can get free mp3 downloads such as and Indeed, you can get your music for free and also the chance to save it on your device so you can listen to it whenever you want, wherever you want. Just be wary of these sites as some of them have “redirects”, or words and pictures that you might mistaken for the download option but are in reality links to other websites or hidden computer malwares/viruses.
Youtube is yet another and quite possibly the best source of free music online. Why? It is because most of the songs that we listen to on this site have videos, too. Again, just type the keyword “relaxation music” or any similar keyword and a lot will show up. Most of the relaxing songs here come in the form of a medley and there are so many to choose from! From deep-sleep music to non-stop piano to a medley of Disney songs in instrumental – Youtube seems to have everything!
Listening to free relaxation music is certainly one of the quickest “pick-me up” on a tiring or not-so-good day. Just turn on your device, pop your earphones, close your eyes, and imagine being taken to a different place and time. This is what I normally do – go to what we call “parallel universe” of mine or an imaginary life far apart from my own reality. It is not harmful to do so as I am still in touch with what is real. It just somehow helps to get away sometimes, and some relaxing or soothing tunes help me get there.
In our fast paced world today, it helps a lot to stop once in a while to unwind and listen to something that can uplift our mood and improve our overall happiness. Several studies have been conducted relating music with mood, happiness, well-being and overall performance. Music, especially the ones that are relaxing or calming, can really be a factor affecting our day-to-day living. But it usually does more good than harm, believe me.
Free relaxation music has also become more easily accessible given today’s technology. You can listen from anywhere and through different platforms. You do not even need internet as you can download and save these songs in huge batches being that devices today have large storage capacity. Take your music anywhere with you – on the road, to your office or school, and even to places wherein you are most likely to feel stress like hospitals or the dentist.
Listening to music, specifically the slower, gentler ones, also helps improve concentration and overall mental function. I have noticed that I write even better articles when I am listening to music simultaneously. Well, this does not work for all as not everyone is capable of “multitasking” effectively. But for those who can listen and write at the same time, music may even become a source of inspiration as it is a source of relaxation.
In general, relaxing music, especially when free, is indeed one of the best things that you can allow yourself to indulge in. It is non-processed, non-dairy, non-fat, and guilt-free. It does not contain harmful chemicals or is in any way harmful to your health. Addictive? Possibly, yes. But it helps replenish one’s spirit after a long day of battling challenges in the workplace or at school, after getting too stressed out to even care, after feeling tired and beaten down. Music caresses the soul, warms the spirit, sparks creativeness, uplifts the mood, gets the motivation going, and helps make daily living bearable if not better.
Thus, this I can say: Relaxing music, especially whenever it is free, is certainly good for you and me!

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